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I have taught various levels of math in the public school, community college and homeschool settings. There is almost nothing I enjoy more than seeing a student's eyes light up after a topic finally makes sense to them. My teaching style is influenced by two main ideas: success breeds success and our mistakes can be our most effective teachers.
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I am extremely pleased with Shalyn's tutoring for my son. She clearly and simply explains not only the simple math facts and rules, but also the processes and how to think through the abstract ideas of solving each math problem, which has been super helpful. My son is starting to understand the "why," and that is giving him more confidence. He is growing in his ability to think through the processes for himself. Shalyn is very skilled in the area of mathematics, and I highly recommend her!
My Algebra student has grown in her confidence, speed and understanding since working with Shalyn. We highly recommend her!
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